This is me 😍

Seven ❤♿…

well, I don’t even know where to start..there ain’t much to say 😓 Umm, my name is Ny ❤ And just because it’s my favorite number besides 3, you can call me S E V E N. I do not like people in the business I do not disclose..I’m private but open so anything you want to know just ask don’t assume. everyone has an opinion right? It’s not always the opinion that works in their favor. But everybody has one.. I have one too so here’s mine ☺ enjoy & THANK YOU ❤

p.s: I’ll be posting about my lyfe and random poems a lot like a lot a lot ok see ya 👌🏾

So I Have Ataxia..


How I View Certain Aspects of Life…

Can I Pray Real Quick
you can click all of them 😍👌🏾

A Poem For Grandma ❤
(can you click that ☝🏾 for the full poem)

May 31, 1951 – February 6, 2013


“Be gentle with Grandma baby

you can’t hold her that tight

Grandma she’s a fighter

been one her entire life

be gentle with the Grandma baby

it’s her time to be babied

Grandma my Grandma

no if ands or maybes
Let us all visit Grandma
two by two
mommy and auntie just left her side

it’s our time baby

just me and just you

don’t you dare question Grandma

she needs all her rest

peacefully resting

remember Grandma at her best

Grandma is slow responding yes

but she hears our voices baby

she knows that we are here

baby my baby

everything will be fine

when Grandma gets out

you better utilize y’all time

because time is very valuable

just like Grandmas life

if you look back an you smile

you have done everything right

now be gentle with a Grandma baby

you can’t hold her that tight

Grandma she’s a fighter

been one her entire life

be gentle with Grandma baby

it’s her time to be babied

Grandma my Grandma

know if ands or maybes

My fear is not of death itself but a death without meaning

– Huey P Newton

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I searched what Ataxia is and also watched a video on YouTube. I never heard of it before today. But I’m glad you spoke out about it. I bet you still dress sharp! So many of us are scared to talk about our health conditions but you showed us we could. I love that! I wish a lot of us had that same strength. I’ll be back home soon to visit my mom, I hope to see you. I know you said that you don’t like to go out but if you like we can go to the movies. I don’t care if your in a wheelchair and youNeed help I’ll help you. I know after high school we all went our separate ways but if you never need me I’m here. I don’t come home a lot but when I come I’ll stop by anything to bring you what you need. ❤️🌻

To Ny: You’re amazing…

Hi sweetheart. I am really enjoying your site. Its just starting off but I know it will be successful ! I love you……….MOM

To Ny: You’re amazing…