Things You Should Know..

How I view certain aspects of Life..

so this is how I view my life. well, not my entire life but certain aspects, really the bad parts. I imagine or view or whatever, I just picture it, a mountain. no, life ain't no small ass ant hill lol it's a big, strong, hard to climb.. treacherous mountain. one you just want… Continue reading How I view certain aspects of Life..

Things You Should Know..

So I Have Ataxia..

So as you can tell by the title.. yes I have ataxia. you probably won’t google it though lol but, yeah I have that. they never really said ok Ny your diagnosis is ataxia, they kinda just ruled it out like ok well it can’t be this so it must be that. but anyway I didn’t want to disclose this information and I… Continue reading So I Have Ataxia..



I like honesty. I enjoy honest people because I believe everyone should be honest, tell the truth. Why lie? Why cheat? Why steal? What made me think of honesty, genuine, selfless people was because I ordered stuff online and the delivery person was not supposed to leave the packages without getting a signature implying that… Continue reading Honestly.


Your influence on the people counts.

I was over thinking it, damn near giving myself a headache thinking so hard about it. I scrolled down social media aka the devil in disguise..its disguised because everything on social media is a bunch of lies. on there a person can be whoever they wish..photoshop their pictures then get alot of likes to make… Continue reading Your influence on the people counts.


Read it slow ❤

I just want somebody to be down for me like how I imagine it to be in my dreams I just want somebody to accept me , flaws and all, when I'm nice or whilst I'm mean I want a person to always have my back that's love a person to always be there for… Continue reading Read it slow ❤


Call me Seven

I like the name Seven. I like the name Umma, pronounced like oom-ma. I just like them and I don't see why a person wouldn't think to change it. You can do whatever you want to..changing your name should be one. You are in control correct? So be in control of your name. Can you… Continue reading Call me Seven